Jennifer in Bagno arm vice 0
Jennifer in Bagno arm vice 1
Jennifer in Bagno arm vice 2

Wow wow wow! We thought there was only 1 girl in the world who could do this! Cassie was such a great find! But we found another elbow talent! It is the 19-year old Jennifer who can easily get her elbows together in the KUB Bagno arm screw! This brings the elbows all the way together with no room in between! What a girl! There is no way Jennifer will ever get out of that, but to be sure we cuff her wrists in Irish 8’s as well. We want to keep her, together with Cassie! Wonderful!!

Lily - hogtie arch

Lily5:55 Minuten und 78 BilderBondage
Lily - hogtie arch 0
Lily - hogtie arch 1
Lily - hogtie arch 2

Our flexible girl Lily is hogtied in an extreme back arch, but she still tries to escape!

Sylvie in Bagno arm vice 0
Sylvie in Bagno arm vice 1
Sylvie in Bagno arm vice 2

“What!”, said world class fashion model Sylvie when she saw another model elbow cuffed, "let me try that!!"  Okay, but this is not for the faint of heart, we told her. Sylvie told us not to worry, she loves tight metal, the tighter the better. And she was right! We didn’t need to worry, because amazingly, this is the second girl in a little over a week who can do this! That’s amazing!! And Sylvie Meis is so gorgeous, you would never expect her to be up for this! Extreme elbow cuffing at its best with a top fashion model! You have to see this!

Dani - white rope and ballgag

Dani5:12 Minuten und 82 BilderBondage
Dani - white rope and ballgag 0
Dani - white rope and ballgag 1
Dani - white rope and ballgag 2

Dani from the UK is the definition of ‘tieable’!! She is incredible, her elbows go together like soft butter, and her natural soft boobs are the perfect shape for breast bondage!! On top of all that, she can take a large ballgag! We want to keep her! Great stuff!

Cassie - new elbow talent

Cassie4:04 Minuten und 74 BilderBondage
Cassie - new elbow talent 0
Cassie - new elbow talent 1
Cassie - new elbow talent 2

19 year old Cassie wants to be a bondage model! And she does have what it takes! This super tall girl has never-ending arms that go together behind her back without any effort! Elbow touching bondage without problems, this girl will be going places!!

Britney elbow cuffed 0
Britney elbow cuffed 1
Britney elbow cuffed 2

Wow, we have got Britney this week! This exotic brunette is super flexible! Her elbows go all the way together with ease, so it is time for her to meet our KUB914 Bagno arm screw. Britney was terrified when we locked her arms together, but she relaxed when she found out this did not hurt at all. She was stuck without any hope of escaping, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. We hope she will return to show off more of her flexibility and her long arms and legs! What a great find!

Honeyhair in leather bondage

Honeyhair4:31 Minuten und 108 BilderBondage, Big boobs, Redhead
Honeyhair in leather bondage 0
Honeyhair in leather bondage 1
Honeyhair in leather bondage 2

Please welcome Honeyhair to our site! We think she is going to be a perfect pet slave, with her huge boobs and super flexible arms, and she loves bondage! Great, so let’s strap her elbows together with some sturdy straps! A heavy collar on her prett neck and a locking wrist strap soon leaves Honeyhair very submissive and powerless. But there’s more! We added a quality leather harness muzzle gag (very silencing!!) and we frogtied her legs so she couldn’t get up and run away. It seems we misunderstood Honeyhair, she likes the dominant side of bondage…oops… This will results in some superb struggling!

Super tight leather strap bondage for Dany

Dany3:59 Minuten und 92 BilderBondage
Super tight leather strap bondage for Dany 0
Super tight leather strap bondage for Dany 1
Super tight leather strap bondage for Dany 2

For someone who does not like bondage, Dany sure visits us a lot! Maybe she secretly loves getting tied up? Maybe she just likes a challenge? This time she is not getting away easily! We know she is flexible and that’s why we put her in the tightest bondage she has ever been in! Elbows welded together, wrists strapped, body wrapped in a leather harness and an extra tight boob harness for good measure! Now at least we can be sure she will not like bondage in about half an hour… or will she? Dany is a mystery, but she looks incredible in tight belt bondage!

Lily - bondage exercises

Lily4:20 Minuten und 78 BilderBondage
Lily - bondage exercises 0
Lily - bondage exercises 1
Lily - bondage exercises 2

Our flexible gymnast model Lily is tied up and gagged (on screen!). She seems really curious about how much of her daily exercises she can still do in her frogtied position with her elbows tied together. This is incredible: gagged bondage yoga, you have never seen this before!

Cassie in tight metal elbow bondage 0
Cassie in tight metal elbow bondage 1
Cassie in tight metal elbow bondage 2

This is the most incredible elbow cuffing you will ever see! The wonderful super tall Cassie returns (in a sexy little dress) and we already found out that her long slender arms are super flexible!! She will attempt to get her elbows locked in a Bagno arm screw! This will leave minimal space between her elbows, effectively holding her arms very tightly together in locked metal! And if that wasn’t enough, we also lock a pair of snap shut KUB Irish 8 onto her wrists, but we face her palms outward!! She can not turn her wrists back, and her elbows are tightly cuffed! There you have it, the most amazing elbow cuffing you will ever see!

New bondage girl Tess Lyndon locked in leather straps 0
New bondage girl Tess Lyndon locked in leather straps 1
New bondage girl Tess Lyndon locked in leather straps 2

We discovered a new bondage talent! Tess Lyndon is a super flexible girl, her elbows touch behind her back! That’s always good for leather strap bondage, although that would be too hard for a first time. But who cares! We do it to her anyway, and she does not seem too happy about it. One of the best elbows-welded-together-videos we have done so far! Tess can struggle all she wants, her arms are pinned very securely behind her back!

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